We provide illustrations of real-life people with exaggerated features of their body like big nose, big teeth etc.


For children’s book, we provide various styles of cartoon illustrations to depict the author’s story and characters in a joyful and humorous manner that is appealing to the children.


We also provide comics which tells a story in different panels on a single page that has dialogue balloons on it to depict a character’s dialogue and sound effects to allow the readers to imagine the sound and effects happening in the story.


These are books that provide educational knowledge to kids and adults alike. Their main scope is to aware the readers about a topic that is popular among the masses.


We provide fashion books/magazine that specializes in clothing, footwear, lifestyle products, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body.

Manga style              FreeVector-005-Comics-Cartoon-Character-Set [Converted]-01

These are Japanese styled comics that are mostly in the black and white medium. They have a distinct feature in drawing style which separated them from regular comic. 

Realistic Art               Realistic-01

This includes illustrations of real people in real life settings such as portraits or landscape art, etc.

Story Book

These are the picture books which has text over. Each illustration is spread over two pages that tell a story progressively with text immersed in the illustration.