Welcome to the world of adventure! Explore the vibrant jungle environment as you fly above the tree tops as other birds fly around.
You will be in control of a mighty agile eagle as it takes flight. This runner platform game has the possibility of endless game play.

How to play.

1. The game will begin with a simple tap, then you will be able to fly a 3D eagle around on its endless run.new-bird

2. You can tilt your mobile to change the direction of the bird, while avoiding obstacles using the tilt of your device.

The Adventure Awaits
As the hungry birds run continues, it will go through many a tunnel and wild areas.
To get the maximum amount of entertainment value from the eagle’s jungle run, you will have to collect coins and vegetables and get access to exciting unlock-able items/upgrades.

So dive right in and download the game. You can play while you commute or whenever you have some free time on your hands. The ENDLESS game play will keep you occupied for hours and hours!