Get ready to play the most addictive jungle run game! Step into the boots of the runner as he tries to survive the perilous jungle.
A fierce wolf is after you and you have to run as fast as possible to escape him. Try not to stumble as the wolf is always nipping at your heels to make you his delicious meal.
You will have to run through the jungle avoid trip wires, trees, and all sorts hurdles to stay out of reach of the scary wolf. Don’t forget to collect diamonds – each diamond could help you to get new upgrades and boosts.
Compete with your friends in this wolf run game and try to get the highest score!
How to Play
Tap to start the game. You will now be in control of the character. You will also see the dangerous wolf chasing after you.
Swipe left or right to change lanes and avoid obstacles.
Swipe up to jump over hurdles in your way.
Swipe down to slide anything that will make you the wolf’s lunch.
Download the game now and enjoy the endless 3D run game that will keep you hooked to your smartphone.